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How can you express the real you?

We all would feel truly happier, if we expressed our unique personalities.

Now how could we achieve that one might ask? Simply by being creative!

For example, by putting our personal stamp on everything. That’s begin with one of the most obvious ways:

Clothes and hair-That’s take a look at our clothes and now that’s take a look at our hair.


Avoid asking yourself – Do I look pretty/handsome? Do I look cool? Do I look smart? Do I fit in with everybody else? Ok , I know you will be wandering , what do I ask?


Instead, you will ask – Do I look like me? Now it’s getting a bit confusing- Do you actually even know what you look like?

If your essence your soul if you like, could talk and walk and dress would it look the way you look now? Or would it be something different? Would it have longer hair ? Shorter hair? Bolder colours? A more classic style? What? Of course, it might be the case that a conventional appearance does represent the real you. That’s fine. But if you feel differently don’t be afraid to show it! You can’t be happy if you think ,for whatever reason, that you have to keep the real you hidden away. Your clothes your hairstyle are only the beginning.

Now that’s try this:

You can express yourself in all kinds of other ways –painting, photography, sculpting , writing, flower arranging, gardening, cooking and much more. In fact everything you do should be a statement about you!

Ask people close to you if they can answer the following questions:

· What job would I choose if I could do anything I wanted?

· Can you name the thing I’d most like to do in my life?

· What do you think I’d most like to change in my life?

· Would you say I was happy?

Another thing that you could also do is – make a list with 10 things that you’d like to do but have never dared. Once you have written them down ask your self, “would I dare to do them”? If your response is positive – Well do them! If any involve other people, discuss them with the person/person’s concerned. If they do not agree then of course you have to accept that. But it could be that they are suffering from the same inhibitions like you! Give them the chance to break free as well. And while you’re at it ,suggest that they , too , make a list of the ten things they’d most like to do.

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